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The idea of writing a blog together came, as many great ideas, over a glass of wine. It was one of those evenings when we meet to catch up and make plans for the weeks to come. At first, it was just a suggestion, but before we knew it, we were already busy making steps towards it.

One of the challenges was deciding on the focus of the blog. After having gone through numerous options, we decided we couldn’t possibly limit ourselves to only one thing we would like to write about, may it be traveling, art, fitness, food and great recipes, etc… we like way too many things. Not to mention that we are particularly interested in self-development on different levels. Therefore, we thought we’d write ‘about beautiful’, about everything we like and we find as being fun, positive, interesting and sometimes challenging.

For those of you who’re just landing on our page…. welcome and please make yourselves at home, by all means… we thought to have an intro explaining a bit about who we are. Please keep in mind that for none of us is this our core activity, as we both have full time jobs, therefore we couldn’t possibly post daily blog updates. However, we aim to keep you weekly entertained ;)

Presi – An IT girl with a bubbly twist, that’s how Manu called me ;)) I love to laugh and I need to make that absolutely clear. I find it beautiful to be with my family and friends. I have a passion for technology, business and entrepreneurship. Started with the first one as I am working in IT consultancy. I love sports, started with gymnastics, currently doing strength training and HIIT. I love dancing, understanding new cultures, meeting new people and letting them teach me new things on the way. I love traveling and attempt a tiny getaway with any chance I get. I am taking all of these and adding them to the bubble I call ‘beautiful’.

Manu – enthusiastic, proactive, playful… and modest at all times ;) Having graduated from business and economics, I work in marketing, branding and project management. My clients are mainly in the HR, medical and pharmaceutical sectors. What do I find beautiful? Well, many things: a delicious meal, an antique market, dinner with my parents, breakfast in bed, fashion, design, dogs, reading a good book, Christmas, healthy food, but also frozen yoghurt and oliebollen ;) cross-fit, a sunny day at the beach, tennis, hot chocolate with friends… and the list goes on and on… Don’t worry! I’ll keep you posted on the way!

We decided that this is not a blog for judgmental or critical reviews, unless constructive ;) It’s a blog that mirrors personal opinions and beliefs on chosen subjects. If you read it, then you most probably are ambitious and positive, enthusiastic, proactive, and down to earth. Therefore, bear with our beginners’ clumsiness in pursue of perfectly written, superbly polished blog posts.

Make yourselves comfortable and have a good read,


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