Top 7 fitness trends to lookout for in 2016

Top 7 fitness trends to lookout for in 2016

From me and Manu’s side you guys have heard quite extensively how we perform our fitness routines what works for us and what doesn’t, what are some of the benefits and strengths in the way we keep in shape and chase our fitness goals. We’ve talked about all of that + jumped up and down to provide you some hands-on examples :)

But what other cool stuff should we be looking at? What are the latest trends in fitness and what could you guys try out in your quest for the optimal & most fun fitness routine? :D I found a few things that you might want to look at to ensure some variety:

All round fitness monitoring

Health monitors and gadgets have been evolving crazily in the past years – pulse monitoring and location are already business as usual + we are  now getting access to more customized insights according to our fitness ambitions, UV protection sensors for runners or outdoor enthusiasts. Check out some of the biggest manufacturers like Polar, Fitbit, Jawbone & Microsoft :) They come with their own apps or connect to your existing ones, offering all the insights and information you need for a robust workout schedule.

Bodyweight training

The classics are apparently back and as long as we stay creative and watch our posture, they can be super effective! I found one cool guide on Men’s Health but then again, why not check out some posts from our archive :)

Strength training 

Oldie but goldie & a must have in your weekly routine. Apparently, stats show that strength training is becoming increasingly popular, for both men and women. One of the new perspectives that comes with this type of training is using it to improve our daily life – balance, force, coordination, proprioception, endurance – these are characteristics that don’t only have to be met by athletes but by all of us as they are at the core of our daily activities. Human 2.0 in progress.

Boxing & martial arts inspired training

Are you into Muai-Thai or just classic boxing? Seems like the time to show-off your skills. This is a great approach as you burn a lot of calories, become leaner and faster in your reflexes but also practice your self-defense techniques. A big plus is of course the psychological balance that is trained on the side. It relieves stress and frustration and releases more endorphines compared to other types of more “traditional” exercising.

Work & workout

We’re living faster and faster lives, we tend to require more and more flexibility and to have everything within reach. One of the coolest trends in my opinion is working in a “community”-like space. Coworking spaces like WeWork are adding gyms for the freelancers/companies/contractors under their roof. Shortened travelling time and super efficiency is what most working professionals are looking for nowadays :)

Cross Fit

This is one trend that refuses to get off the podium. Maybe one of the most complete types of workouts, cross-fit is a mix of plyometrics, olympic weightlifting, gymnastics, HIIT, calisthenics, power lifting & more. To catch your interest a bit, this is a type of program utitised by military or firefighter departments across the globe as well :) Have you given it a shot yet?

Obstacle Races

Some of you might have heard of the famous (or infamous) Tough Mudder – no, this is not training for army enrolment but a fitness trend that is a star performer in terms of calorie burn. You get to run through pipes, jump in the water & swim across, struggle with “monkey bars” and, last but not least, crawl in mud to reach the finish line. It sounds as painful as it really is, but a blast to do with friends on your side.

If you look more towards the bigger picture, we are getting closer and closer to screens and technology, smartphones are becoming the extension of our hands. We share everything on social networks and seek ideas and collaboration through the same means. We see good trends and bad trends out there – ranging from a fully digitalized workout experience to child obesity because of too much time spent on gadgets. If we’re gonna align to some trends and make them popular amongst our peers, let them be some healthy ones. From the About Beautiful laptop keyboard, we’re trying our best to give you the fitness trends virus – via desktop, mobile, ipad & smartwatch  for now :)

Keep in shape,