Friends’ Businesses: Human Behavior Research

Friends’ Businesses: Human Behavior Research

This week brings us to a second episode of a dear set of posts for myself and Manu – businesses founded by friends of ours of which we are proud and that needed to be shared with you guys for further inspiration. I’ve asked my friend Clara Turturescu to write for us about her journey as a young entrepreneur in a European business setting. Clara has a psychology background and has worked as a researcher prior to starting off her own business. I found her ideas awesome and have even allowed her to use me as a Guinea pig for her experiments :D

Here’s how it goes:

My entrepreneurial story begins like this: I had a business idea and I applied for some European funds. At the beginning it wasn’t very easy because in Romania bureaucracy is very complex, but in the end my idea was implemented and that is how Human Behavior Research got born.

Human Behavior Research is an innovative company that employs the detailed analysis of human behavior as a business growth tool. Starting from the idea that through the understanding of human behavior you can achieve an unrivaled edge in business, I brought, for the first time in Romania, a valid scientific method for understanding economic behavior.

The latest research on this topic, performed by prof. Daniel Kahneman, shows that humans base their decisions, more often than not, on emotions rather than reason. This is exactly why it is much more productive to measure what people feel rather than ask them what they are doing or thinking. Have a look on our YouTube channel for more insights into human emotions.

Through the measuring of emotions, you can obtain a much more certain predictor of human behavior. This method objectively captures the emotions that are generated by a stimulus (audio, video, image), by making use of the newest technology – a specialized software for the analysis of micro-expressions.

This method basically offers our customers answers to questions such as “What does the consumer feel?”, “Is the consumer happy with what I am selling him/her?”, “Is my advertisement transmitting happiness?”. According to clients’ needs, our team can create various experimental settings that test the reactions of the subjects.

I have to admit that my first year of entrepreneurship felt very long, with ups and downs and sometimes with “doors slammed in our face” but these kind of things make you more tenacious and patient, two skills that are vital for a good manager! :D

Disclosure: This wasn’t a story about a successful company, this was a story about the beginning of a successful company! :)

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This is, in short, the general overview of Clara’s business. If you have any questions for her, you can either write them here, on our Facebook page or contact her via the details she shared on her company’s website. Until the next chapter of Friends’ Businesses, stay focused,