3 months of no processed meat and no deep-fried food

3 months of no processed meat and no deep-fried food

At the beginning of the year I was embarking on yet another challenge – A 2016 with no processed meat and no deep-fried food. I guess you figured it by now: I like to keep myself entertained by doing things ‘the hard way’;)) If it’s easy, then it’s boring and non-interesting. It feels awesome to set goals for yourself, work towards achieving them… and feels even more awesome once you have achieved them!

It’s been three months of this journey and, before sharing the results, I want to confess there have been three times when I’ve sinned with this endeavor. Either I was too hungry and from the menu it wasn’t really clear I’d get something deep-fried or I found myself at an event where, while feeling very hungry, I had to settle for the offerings they had. But the funniest one was while I spotted myself eating chips as if it was ok and then was like “mmmm… don’t think I should be eating this ;))” Thus, in case you want to take this challenge too, do expect to be caught off guard sometimes, as the universe of deep-fried and processed food is so big and somewhat became natural to us that you will start realising this when you can’t have these products.

Leaving aside these small bumps in the road, here are the results after three months of no processed meat and deep fried food:

The cravings are lower 

During these three months, I’ve noticed I don’t crave for processed meat and deep-fried as much. Maybe I’ve just mentally accepted that I’m not eating them and my body has accommodated to it. I guess excluding something from your diet long enough will just make you crave less for it. Then your body accommodates with leaving without it.

Increase in energy

I’m not entirely sure if quitting processed meat and deep-fried, or meat accompanied with its natural casing has anything to do with it, but I did notice my energy level has increased. This is a general feel. Of course it fluctuates on the level of stress per day, the sports, food intake, etc.  In any case, an increase in my level of energy is very interesting, especially considering I am 35 weeks pregnant now and, most women around my trimester, usually complain about fatigue and tiredness.

Feeling healthier all together

This is another thing I’ve noticed. I do feel healthier. Then again, I’m not 100% sure it comes from the decision to stop eating processed meat and deep fried foods or from some conscious decisions about sports and dieting all together. But it can very well be that the deep fried and processed meat decision plays a part in it too. And if it does, then that’s a good reason to continue with it.

Keeping this article compact and focused, I’m wrapping up here, hoping it inspires you and it makes you think about wanting to challenge yourselves with this one too. In any case, I’d be interested to find out more about your own challenges, dietary choices and decisions you’ve taken towards living a healthier life. Feel free to share them here or on our Facebook page.

Until next time, stay healthy,