Dear Santa

Dear Santa

This holiday season I decided that I won’t write Santa a letter stating my wishes as I feel my presents have already arrived one way or another throughout the year. I might as well write him a letter to let him know he’s brought me a lot already and how his gifts have enriched my life :)  We had a good thing going on this year, Santa and I, so I’ve decided to let him skip towards more needy destinations. If we look at it bluntly, not that many people in this world can expect to have Santa put nicely wrapped gifts under the tree. This Christmas feels like just the right time to be more compassionate and expect less, perhaps give more in return. It’s a good time to be more thankful and notice those things that otherwise might be taken for granted. What presents did you receive this year? :)

Dear Santa,

Here we are, once again, at the start of your yearly marathon. You always surprise me for being in such good shape. Probably you have been reading our fitness posts every now and then. Face it, me and Manu must have brought a tiny bit of inspiration :) Before you get on your way I would like to let you know I’ll give you some relief this Xmas – no need of stopping by and sneaking in, walking on tip toes and bribing the dog with treats … you’ve already given me plenty of things this year. Let’s do it the other way around this time – I’ll sum up my gifts and count my blessings. I wasn’t really sure how I should be ordering them, cannot really compare between the precious ones you’ve given me.

  1. Good focus and opportunities to grow professionally, you’ve given me the people to look up to and learn from throughout my journey. Not sure how you’ve made your way through all the HR processes but you’ve done an amazing job.
  2. You showed me how people in this world can still value and be happy from just the simple things, how the rush up the career ladder is not taking control in all corners of the world; people still take their time to enjoy life and as long as that happens, we’ll all have a place to connect to when we feel lost.
  3. You’ve helped me overcome losing a loved one and taught me how to celebrate his life instead.
  4. You’ve given me the energy to continue learning, to take all rough patches as a step forward.
  5. You taught me to let go of people that are pulling away; I became stronger in the process, learned to love myself more every now and then.
  6. You’ve given me time with my dearest ones – family & friends – in beautiful places, in times of health and lots of laughter.
  7. You know how I love to travel – this year you’ve really outdone yourself, I could live the dream, cannot ask for much more than this.
  8. You’ve given me a blog and a laptop to share with an amazing friend, you gave us all these wonderful people to connect to and that has been more than an amazing year of learning for us.
  9. You’ve given me love and a strong relationship but, most importantly, the wisdom to cherish and hold on to it. Thank you for that.
  10. Loads of fun! 2015 was a fun year – even too much fun sometimes, hehe. A few people will probably feel slightly guilty when reading this one >:)
  11. You’ve given me bright people I could have disagreements with, I got to sharpen my arguments and to be quicker in realizing I am wrong.
  12. You gave me physical strength and the motivation to work on myself towards a better, fitter Presi. I promise to keep that going into the next year :D

This is it my dear Santa. A snapshot of all the nice things you’ve brought me – if you had any elves involved in the process, please thank them on my behalf as well. I’ll let you get back to what is now most important – bringing some magic to all the kids out there. Bring them as many toys as you can carry, help them hold on to their childhood as long as they can. Thank you for everything once again and good luck tonight with your trip! Send my regards to the Mrs. and speak to you next year!

Much love,