Are you a multipotentialite? Join the club and be happy about it!

Are you a multipotentialite? Join the club and be happy about it!

How many of you knew what you wanted to do when you were young? How many of you went through high school not knowing what you want to study further? Or through university feeling you are not strong in only one of the fields you studied, but in many of them? That you can do many more things… and very diverse.

Let me further explain it, inspired by my own experience: I was never that person who knew what I wanted to be from when I was young: a doctor, a lawyer, a mathematician, an actor, etc. I had no clue. I may not have a clue now either ;)) I’m still experimenting everything I like and am interested in. During elementary school and high school, I was always struggling with: do I like literature more or do I like math more? Oh, but wait, I also like biology (at least some parts of it) and English literature and Spanish and I may even enjoy classical mechanics physics. And I enjoy my singing lesson and my ballet one. So, what do I do? Do I go for Humanities University or do I go for Science?

Some of us may not have had it easy deciding what we wanted to do. We were not clearly talented in one particular field, but in more. Please browse through the characteristics below. If you tick most of them, then I’ve got news for you, right under…

– You have too many interests
– You excel in two or more different fields
– You are not just being strong in just one field or area
– You are somewhat opposed to the people society usually labels as specialists
– You are enthusiastic about multiple activities, fields etc.
– You become easily bored, especially after mastering everything you wanted to know about a particular subject


The day I found out about multipotentialites is one of the best self-understanding days ever. And I have my friend Rick to thank for that, as he’s shared the video that ‘opened my eyes’ in this direction, that you can find below and that I strongly suggest you listen to. I then realized that it’s actually cool I’m interested in many and diverse subjects, that I shouldn’t have wanted for so many years to be a specialist in something and that to be my ‘thing’. It’s ok if I exercise my creativity and adaptability in as many fields possible. And if I have a job in branding for a while, then in PR, then in project management and recruitment, a blog on the side, learning tennis, cross fitting, taking language courses, thinking about some guitar lessons next, that doesn’t mean I’m weird just because it’s not that ONE thing I specialize in.
And before I wave you guys bye-bye for this week, don’t forget about Emilie Wapnick’s list of super powers ;) I’ve quickly written them below, but I strongly suggest you listen to Emilie’s insightful TED video at the end of the article. All worth it!

1. Idea Synthesis
2. Rapid Learning
3. Adaptability

To all fellow multipotentialites and to all specialists out there, have fun being who you are,



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  1. Nicola Hibbard

    Dear Manu, I am happy that you are now happy and know you are a multipotentiele and you can explore your many talents.
    I remember when many years ago, you said you were wishing you knew what you wanted to do and you wanted to be a specialist in one field and I said that you have many talents and that you were spiraling out in ever increasing circles around your many talents thus adding to each talent along the way of the spiral. This is an (w)holistic way of learning and I do it myself and I saw it in you. Specialists have a special graph on the Papi Test as Ruben has and I am sure your father and my father. I try and become a specialist in the many fields I am researching as my interest in life is to RESEARCH AND KNOW THE TRUTH AS THOROUGHLY AS POSSIBLE AS ONLY THE TRUTH CAN SET YOU FREE (from ignorance of the TRUTH) as said by the ancient Greek Oracle at Delphi from the Greek Mystery schools. I have come to realise that the more one knows the more there is to know of the relative truth and that only at high levels of awareness can one understand the ULTIMATE DIVINE TRUTH. One can attain this by researching the TRUTH of any subject to the best of our ability and I welcome input from all others on my journey towards greater TRUTH as God often speaks to us through our fellow human beings as ultimately we are all ONE from the same DIVINE SOURCE. I wish you happy times researching and understanding ever increasing levels of TRUTH. Love, Nicola

  2. anonymous

    Dear Manu,

    That was a really interesting article, thank you :) I find myself half-identifying with your experience though somewhat in reverse!

    Let me elaborate, as I was growing up, as far as I can remember myself, I always knew what I wanted to be and do; and I did! Not anymore, however. I now see that I find so many things quite interesting and I can be really good at them too. Not interesting enough though… No matter how good I can be at them, I find everything boring… :(

    I’d appreciate your thoughts on the matter…

  3. About Beautiful

    Thanks for your comment. I’m happy you enjoyed reading the article.
    Well, you were one of the lucky ones! :) I always told my friends from school, who were sure what they wanted to do with their lives that they were fortunate… But, that was the mentality I grew up with – the mentality that I need to be a specialist.
    Maybe what’s going on with you is the following: you’ve mastered your specialisation and maybe it’s not that appealing anymore (it’s a bit like a mission accomplished) and now you’re exercising your multipotentialite feel and trying on new things. It makes sense, as new things are also more exciting. I think embracing new things is great than only focusing on one thing you specialise on. And finding something boring after mastering it is also humanly. The fact that you experiment the new things that attract you make you more well-rounded as a person, though. Maybe the best is to decide for yourself which ones of the things that you are becoming good at are worthy to be integrated into your routine (if any), otherwise keep exploring and embrace your experimental and curious self. The actual act of trying on new things and exploring I find a lot of fun. Take care, Manu

  4. About Beautiful

    Hi Nicola,
    I completely agree with everything you say. Indeed, there is a bit of shift in perspective as you’re brought up thinking you need to specialise in something. So, your feedback back then was very interesting and eye-opening. What I’m also taking with me post this multipotentialite research is the fact that specialists and multipotentiliates work well together. Especially at work, I find this to be really helpful. As Emilie says: “embrace your inner wiring” ;) I think that’s the best piece of advice. Love, Manu

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