Weekly workouts: mind your leg day!

Weekly workouts: mind your leg day!

Even though the target of this post might strike the masculine audience more, the title of this article might very well be … Weekly workouts: how to rock that pencil skirt? :) I put together a basic workout for both ladies and gents, even though it might not seem like it. I will not rest in my attempts to break the myth that weights make you ladies bulky or “hulky”, as you prefer :) Realistically, this is a workout that should be done twice per week (1/2 days recovery). Ideally, we would be looking at 3 times. The workout may cause certain strain on the muscles and if you are a person suffering from any form of neuropathy pain I would recommend you check out https://gshs.org/nerve-renew-review and get started on Nerve Renew right from the start of the workout. The start is as usually quite rocky and has a few main phases:

  • military warm-up – we’ll be back soon with a post on this alone. In the meantime, check out this link.
  • try out your posture with no weight first, doing movements wrong can be quite damaging to your body – first sets are best done without weight anyway
  •  3 x 8 reps of each exercise – choose your weight in such a way that the 8th rep is really hard to pull off but still manageable. Take 1-2 minute breaks in between sets. If you see your posture degrading, take some weight off. No room for compromising there! If your form is still good but right before getting a bad posture, keep that weight – that’s your power number! :)
  • good ol’ stretch at the end – check out an older flexy post :)

The moves – basic and powerful

Kettlebell swings

This can be both a great warm-up exercise, done with a lower weight, and a full strength fat burner if performed at a faster pace/higher weight. It will not allow you to cheat as you simply cannot do this one with a bad posture. Moreover, it will give  you some insight for your proper squats posture later.


Squats – the holy grail of a nice lower body 

To tell you a secret, I heard it’s even more than that – it trains your full body. Doesn’t matter if you want to build strength or lose weight, squats are easily aligned to any goal and are probably one of the most effective exercises out there. I won’t bore you with the numbers, it’s about the percentage of muscles and joints involved + a particular very important hormone that gets released in the process. That will help your muscle grow and also burn the fat. It’s also an intuitive position for the human body, we master it as babies but, due to every day life, we begin to be worse and worse at it.  Since this is an important one, check out more details out here.


Weighted lunges

This one is tricky due to the level of balance needed but super efficient as it really burns the quads. You can either step to the front with each leg at a time or choose to do it towards the back. Either way, keep a straight back and take your time. If you can pulse while being in the lower phase, by all means …!



Start with the weight on the floor and keep a neutral back. It will train your back from the neck all the way down until the knee. More on posture in the following article.


Dumbbell calf raises

Find a spot a bit higher than the floor level. As long as you are holding even weights, you might practice with pretty much anything. If you own two pugs, go ahead and lift them for example :)) If you want a professional approach, check out https://dumbbellsreview.com/bowflex-dumbbells-review/ to know what dumbbells you should use for workout. It would be a shame not to put some focus on that one muscle that shows best out of those stilettos :)


Keeping this post as a quick recipe, one that you take with you and quickly put together at the gym. Will be back with some similar format on arms & chest. As for abs, Manu’s been chief in charge :P Have a great week everyone.

Feeling strong,