Quick Amsterdam Foodie Guide

Quick Amsterdam Foodie Guide

During the past 4 years in Amsterdam I collected quite an amount of suggestions for a nice meal out. Some would say I return to these places a bit too often and that I should switch to something new. While in the process of doing just that, I thought of sharing my top places list with you guys. There’s no other more inspiring place for myself and Manu to discuss blog stuff than over brunch or lunch – you’ll find us mostly at no. 1 and no. 5. When thinking back and getting all nostalgic about my first year in Amsterdam, I will probably head out to no. 3. The first list I put together instantaneously. Then I moved to creating a nice and international list for a great dining experience – the focus is mostly on cozy and with the option of adding some spice to your food :)

Breakfast – Brunch – Lunch

  1. Bakers and Roasters
  2. Little Collins
  3. Ysbreeker
  4. Morlang
  5. Le Pain Quotidien
  6. Beter en leuk
  7. The Lobby at hotel V
  8. Pancakes!
  9. De Bakkerswinkel
  10. Sugarless

+ Salads must -> Venkel & Sla


  1. Pasta & Basta – surprise concept, would not miss.
  2. Ciro passami l’olio – Some more Italian but with a Romanian twist – always return here with pleasure to find the lovely Italian/Romanian hospitality.
  3. Mangiamore– you can never get tired of Italian & while going here you’ll find the absolute best pizza in town.
  4. Genki Sushi – you can never go wrong with Japanese, they have some awesome sushi!
  5. Mata Hari – cozy, very nice food and a great place for dates :D
  6. Café de Klos – going all barbarian over your plate of steak :)
  7. Rosa’s Cantina – Mexican delice, great drinks and lovely atmosphere.
  8. Abyssinia – great fun sharing an African plateau with spicy delights, to go to with friends.
  9. Foodism – Fusion & brilliant combinations.
  10. Bazaar – Moroccan treats, great from starters to sweets.
  11. Blauw – Indonesian must-have on the list.

+ All of it in one place: Foodhallen

Hoping to make an exchange forum out of this post, I’m inviting you guys to shoot your suggestions. Inspired by the Spotted by Locals community, I thought you guys might find this list handy for your next visit in Amsterdam. Last but not least, we need to keep you away from those nasty touristy traps :D

Bon apetit,