25 things I learnt in my 20s

25 things I learnt in my 20s

Just some months ago I turned 30. Surprisingly, it didn’t come with anxieties, nor fears like it hit some of my friends. For some reason I had that phase back at my 28th birthday, asking myself questions of what I had achieved until then, evaluating whether I was happy with my life then. In any case, looking back at my 20s, there are a number of things I’ve noticed, learned or acknowledged (but still trying to adopt them)… You know it too: everything is easier said than done ;) So, let’s sum up the 20 things I’ve learnt in my 20’s and see what I found it’s all about:

1. Stick to your values, traditions and principles as long as they don’t hurt other people’s feelings.

2. Go wild, wild, wild! Wacko things during this decade are more acceptable than during the next!

3. Love your parents and in case of a quarrel, make a step towards reconciliation.

4. Do sports and cherish the outdoors.

5. Don’t give up on your passions. They’re your extra boost of energy!

6. Don’t waste your time on meaningless things. If you do, you will most probably regret it later.

7. Cherish your friendships and make an effort to keep your friends close. If you don’t, relationships fade sooner or later.

8. People function differently. Quit expecting that other people will behave in certain situations the same way you would.

9. Relationships take patience, love and effort. They don’t just grow automatically.

10. Cigarettes are so 70’s!

11. Holding grudge won’t get you anywhere.

12. Forgive, even if you can’t forget.

13. Make mistakes or date them. You’ll still end up with the one who’s meant to be.

14. Experiment! Techno music, short hair, mini skirts, and crazy amounts of make up, anything it takes! All phases will define who you are!

15. Communicate! Talk things over, say how you feel and don’t keep things to yourself.

16. Happiness is a choice!

17. Career is very important, but it won’t tuck you into bed at night. Your priority still remains your family and close friends.

18. Don’t give up if you feel strongly about something! Never let go!

19. A bad hair day is not the end of the world!

20. Don’t idolatrize or envy. Live your life and not the life of others! Be yourself!

21. University degrees are important, but they won’t get you a 40k income right after. It still takes time, effort and perseverance!

22. You cannot like everyone you meet. It’s a selection game. Make sure you keep the authentic and truthful people around and not waste valuable time with others.

23. Invest more in your organizational skills. They become more useful year by year.

24. When the going gets tough, count your blessings and keep smiling!

25. Dream! Dream little, dream big, and never let go of your dreams!

This is where I wrap it up, guys! Let me know how you found them and, if you have something to add or comment on, go ahead and do it! I’d be happy to read your point of view! What have your 20’s taught you (so far)?

30’s looking promising,