Sardinia – a place for everyone to fall in love with

Sardinia – a place for everyone to fall in love with

Simple and straightforward: Sardinia is exceptional! Because of its reasonably small island status, it may be easy to miss on the map… but, as we all know it, best things come in small packages ;) After more than a week here (and while feeling I still have plenty to see and to experience), I’ve come to love this island and I strongly recommend it as a top European holiday destination. And, maybe even more towards the end of August, beginning of September (like I’ve experienced it) for those of you who just won’t let go of summer. One of the things I appreciate the most about Sardinia is that it has something to offer to everyone. And each of its visitors can find at least a few things to do here according to his likings… So let me go ahead and prove it to you!

The Adventurer

If you cannot stay still (I know I can’t) and have to continuously challenge yourself and embark on new adventures, don’t overthink it: Sardinia is the right place for you! One of the most amazing things you can do on the island is to take a trip to Gola di Gorropu and hike towards the Gorropu Canyon – also known as one of the steepest canyons in Europe. The hike there and back is great, summing up to around 11 km. However, as you might have expected, the best part of it is the canyon itself. The length of the canyon is not huge, however the inside excursion is pretty demanding – of course depending on how skilled of a hiker you are ;)) Regardless, I suggest you roll up your sleeves, as you’ll have to use both feet and hands to make your way through the huge white rocks. I’ll stop here with the details, in order not to spoil your fun! Drop me a line though if you have any other questions about it.


Gorropu Canyon

The Party Animal

Italians party in style! I had a lot of fun here and maybe coming towards the end of the season helped because there are so many closing parties. The hardest part is taking the right decision ;)) All venues close down at the end of August, beginning of September, so if you come with a partying mindset, you may want to take this into account. The two places I strongly recommend are: Billionaire’s Club in Porto Cervo – probably the most iconic club in Sardinia – and Phi Beach in Baia Sardinia. Phi Beach is an outdoor location with the most breath-taking sunsets. It’s best to go there starting 6pm, as there’s not too much to do beforehand.

The Single, the Married, The Family Guy

Maybe the thing I liked most about Sardinia is its versatility. Sardinia welcomes everyone: from locals to internationals, from singles, to married, to family guys. This place is the perfect retreat for adults and children too. Everyone loves the island in its own way and for different reasons. Because Italians are predominantly friendly and family-oriented people, it’s only normal you will feel very welcomed and as part of a big family. From children to grandparents (and sometimes grand-grand parents), everyone is having a great time all together.

The Sports Fanatic

If you love sports, there’s no way you won’t love Sardinia. The island is just a playground for the active ones. Watersports are some of the most appealing in this Mediterranean scenery of crystal clear waters: kite surfing, water ski, wind surfing, wake boarding… you name it! And there’s even a perfect spot to do all of these – Isola dei Gabbiani. This watersports oasis is located on the Sardinian North shore and is easily accessible by car. It’s both a great place to exercise your water skills and to just stay on the beach and enjoy the view (for the less daring ones). It’s a great spot that I wouldn’t miss on the island, especially on a bit of a windy day. Apart from water sports, you can pretty much enjoy any other summer sport, such as tennis, golf, cycling, etc.


Isola dei Gabbiani

The Sea Lover

I don’t know another place in Europe where sea is as beautiful as in Sardinia. It doesn’t matter on which side of the island you are, there’s simply not even one spot I found without gorgeous crystal blue waters. Costa Smeralda, which is situated on the North-East of the island, is probably the most famous area of Sardinia, with superb waters. Porto Cervo – the heart of Costa Smeralda – and Porto Rotondo are very beautiful ports. If you love the beach, sailing and water activities, don’t think twice!

The Foodie

This is Italy, so it comes without saying that food is fantastic. There is not one single place where the food was not delicious, but I will try to synthesize everything to just a few places. They’re all in the area of our stay – Porto Cervo:

  • Il Pescatore – Probably the nicest à la carte restaurant in Porto Cervo. The food is great, service is flawless, but above all: the view of the port is fantastic. Don’t forget to make a reservation if you decide to go there!
  • Lu Stazzu – A friend recommended this restaurant and it was probably the best tip I could have got about eating out in Sardinia. Lu Stazzu is a typical and welcoming Italian restaurant in Porto Rotondo. For some reason, it feels like home. When you get there you are invited to taste some of the most delicious cheeses and salami’s, together with red or white house wines. You continue the night with a set menu for a fixed price, which was abundant and extremely delicious on our night there.
  • Cipriani – It’s even better if you have the dinner here before heading to the Billionaire’s Club downstairs.
  • Aruana’ Churrascaria – Before I say anything else, I’ll start with saying: this is not a place for vegans or vegetarians ;)) I’m not saying there are no options for vegans, but they’ll probably not enjoy it as much as the meat lovers. You’ll find yourself in a Brazilian atmosphere with lovely set candlelight tables by the pool and predominantly Brazilian live music. People will sing, dance and the meat delights will keep on coming… and coming ;)) 100% guarantee you will adore this place if you love eating meat!
  • Ristorante Gastronomia Belvedere – The seafood is great: fresh and delicious. On top of that, the restaurant is also reasonably priced. No wonder it’s got so many positive reviews. More than that, the owner is such a warm, welcoming and funny person that you’ll feel as if you’re at your parents’ house. Highly recommended for a relaxing evening when you want to eat fresh seafood.

And, when you’re in the mood for a dessert, you’ve got to try ‘seadas’ – a traditional Sardinian dessert. It’s like a big and crunchy ravioli filled with cheese and topped with honey. It will give you a sugar rush, but it tastes amazing.

Holiday season is ending and what a pity that is! Now our batteries are recharged and ready for autumn, there’s something to look forward to for next year! And while longing for sun and summer, you can browse through this article to inspire you for the next holiday season!

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Con amore da Sardegna,