Keep calm and play ping-pong

Keep calm and play ping-pong

It’s decided! I’ve come to realize that I enjoy every sport that has to do with tennis: from tennis itself (doooh!) to beach tennis and table tennis, I like them all! I’ve always enjoyed table tennis, but especially during holidays. I would come to associate table tennis with vacation so much, to the point I was making the decision whether to stay at a certain hotel based on the table tennis facilities as well… I know it may sound a bit weird, but hey, we’ve all got our peculiar sides, don’t we? ;)

This season, however, I took it to the next level ;)) I mean, I’m no Forrest Gump (yet), but I’ve definitely improved a lot since the beginning of summer. Having discovered a ping-pong table in the new neighborhood was all I needed to start playing every warm, dry and non-windy evening when I had an hour or two to spare. So, considering I feel I’m now playing much better than ever before, I’ve decided to share with you the top 4 reasons why I love it and the most important benefits you can have from playing it:

Increased focus

Tennis demands I stay focused at all times, however table tennis is much more alert – ball speed is faster, ball and play area are much smaller. So, you need to be incredibly focused and never lose sight of the tiny ping-pong ball. I think this is an incredible exercise for your mind too.

Staying fit

It could be that, if you have never played table tennis, you’ll think there’s not a big work-out going on there. But, have you ever seen a chubby ping-pong player? I haven’t! Because table tennis is incredibly fast, it requires quick body movements and fast reactions. Not to mention, you’re almost constantly in a bit of a squat position, thus making it an incredibly beneficial sport for your legs too.

Makes you happier

This goes for every sport, thus for table tennis too: your body releases endorphins during work out and, as I’m sure you well know by now, endorphins are great to assure a positive thinking and a healthier, happier life. Every time after I finished playing table tennis, I’m much more relaxed and happier. Well, it also depends who wins. This can obviously influence a bit the level of happiness ;))

Available for everyone

If you compare table tennis with tennis, let’s say, or with lots of other sports out there, table tennis is highly versatile. In most countries, you can find ping-pong tables in parks, playgrounds, schools, etc. so it’s not a sport that requires a high investment. That is unless you want a proper membership at a table tennis club and a trainer. But if you’re there to just have fun and not necessarily do it to make performance, than all you’ll end up spending is on average €20 for pallets and balls.

I feel table tennis is so much fun that it would be a pity not to give it a try. So, I hope this article convinces you to grab some pallets and make a date with your friend to play together! The better you become, the more you want to play! ;)) Not to mention, you’ll have an additional fun activity to do together! Happiness guaranteed!

I’ll end up with my favourite ping-pong slogan,

Live long, play pong,

Forrest Gump Instructor