Why Myers Briggs’ 16 personalities will greatly improve your life

Why Myers Briggs’ 16 personalities will greatly improve your life

Myers Briggs’ 16 personalities is a personality test that gives you in-depth information about yourself, including top careers, relationships, core values and motivations. I’ve grown to value this test for many reasons (which I will mention in detail below), thus decided to write an article about it and the reasons I feel it can significantly improve your life.

Let me give you guys a short overview of the 16 personalities adapted by this website, which are organized in 4 main categories:

  • Analysts (Architect, Logician, Commander and Debater),
  • Diplomats (Advocate, Mediator, Protagonist and Campaigner),
  • Sentinels (Logistician, Defender, Executive and Consul) and
  • Explorers (Virtuoso, Adventurer, Entrepreneur and Entertainer).

After taking the test, your results will point out to one of the 16 personalities above and to five personality traits that, when combined, define the personality type. Each of these traits should be seen as a two-sided continuum, with the “neutral” option placed in the middle. The percentages you would have seen after completing the test are meant to show which categories you fall under, and how strong your preferences are:

  • Mind (Extraverted vs. Introverted)
  • Energy (Intuitive vs. Observant)
  • Nature (Thinking vs. Feeling)
  • Tactics (Judging vs. Prospecting)
  • Identity (Assertive vs. Turbulent)

Now-now, before I go on writing a complete overview of all the theoretical part, making sure it’s 100% clear (giving into one of my strongest personality traits – curious and perfectionistic ;)) let me go on writing the reasons I feel Myers Briggs’ 16 personalities’ is a must-take personality test that will greatly improve your life:

  1. It’s a great way to know yourself

OK, maybe some of you will say: “yes, but I know myself”. However, I’m pretty sure the result will give you more introspection into your general characteristics, your strengths and weaknesses, how you function in a relationship, as a parent, as a friend, and at work. I base this both on my result and on the results of my friends and family, which seem to make a whole lot of sense.

  1. Your bond with friends and family will only become better

If both you and your family, partners and friends take this test and share the results with each other, your relationships will improve. If you also take some time to read through their profiles, make an effort to understand them, then you will easily figure out why they act in a certain way under certain circumstances. Overall, you will better comprehend your differences and may learn to recognize some patterns. If you once had hard times understanding why they behaved in certain ways, now the results will surely clarify that too.

  1. Great way to hire people

If you are an employer or a recruiter, Myers Briggs’ 16 personalities is a great tool to asses whether or not to hire someone. Based on a profile you are looking for, you can ask some of the selected few candidates to take the test and compare their results with your needs. I happen to know some people who apply it and they are very happy with the results. Can’t wait for us to hire our next person for the blog! :))

  1. You may be getting promoted soon ;)

You must know those times where you just ‘don’t get’ your manager. Well, that’s about to change. Maybe if you give him or her a suggestion about taking the test and offer him or her to go through the results together, you’ll find it more easy to know what makes your manager more content with your work. And, in case some things seemed unreasonable before, now they would suddenly be clear.

  1. Teamwork will significantly improve

Teams where team members do the test are prone to function better – obviously, with a bit of hard work from all the members to better understand how their colleagues ‘function’. Also, as an employer, it’s very easy to assess why there could be some frictions between some members of the same team. There are times when, even if two people are brilliant professionals, they respect each other and are hard-working, they get into unwanted quarrels that block the evolution of given projects. For example, you don’t want to put three explorers together (such as: ISFP, ESTP and ESFP), unless you put someone in there who can balance it and keep the structure ;)

While hoping I’ve convinced you guys to take the test, don’t wait up, click here and start answering those questions! Better take it when you are alone and not under stress and try your best to answer the questions according to how you really are and not how you would like to be. Don’t forget to let us know what personality type you are here or on our Facebook page! We;re really curious to find out!

Sincerely yours,


The Consul