Parents time

Parents time

I wrote for today a thank you note. Usually I would try to keep things practical and to the point for you guys but today is a bit different. It’s about taking a moment to thank those we owe the base we’ve built on so far. It’s about thinking of those we’ve learnt our first and most important lessons from. It is a post mainly about showing gratitude and giving back to those that raised and nurtured us.

They sometimes nag us for the smallest things, you might have had a bit of rough time together during teen years but you come to a point where you are grateful even for that. I have reached that point and will mark it through writing these lines :) I like that we’ve come to a point where I listen to their advice even if I don’t always agree, I like that we’ve become friends and that’s how it should be.

My thoughts went around writing a few things we could do to “parent” them back :) What is it that we can do for them? I found a few points. They might not apply to all species of parents but you’ll pick what works:

  • Help them save some free time – piled up errands? too much paperwork? gardening work they never find time to do. I am sure it’s more than feasible for our multi-tasking selves to take some of that off their shoulders by scheduling that into our calendars as a recurring ‘to-do’. Sharing a bit of their responsibilities is the least we can do.
  • Be their “In-shape and health-conscious” guardian – at this point I expect some eyes to roll at home as they never hear the end of this one :)) We’re generally much more exposed to information on these topics so don’t forget to share it with them and keep them focused.
  • Always keep them close – I have been told that once you have kids, your perspective changes in such a way that their ups & downs are felt as if they are yours. Make sure you don’t forget to drop by or pick up the phone to ask how their day was and tell about yours. I am not a big fan of burdening my loved ones when going through a rough time so, for their sake, try to stay positive even if things are not necessarily going as planned. Even if at start you’re trying to stay positive for their own good, in the end it’s also you that gets to benefit.
  • Involve them – of course, at a certain point, we get fully in control of our own lives. But we should never stop learning from those who have been there already. Don’t hesitate to ask your parents about a certain dilemma you might have. They might give you the most valuable piece of advice.
  • Organize something fun regularly – there must be some sort of activity that the whole family enjoys. Whether you make time to go on a holiday, go out for a movie, go for a walk in the park or a picnic, you’re never too old to do something fun with your parents :) When was the last time you planned something together?

Summing up, here it is: thank you, Laura & George :) I owe you all my accomplishments so far and also those to come. You’ve been an out-of-this-world support and for that I will be always grateful. I usually ask you ‘About-Beautiful’ readers (yay!) to tell me about your own experiences and feedback. This time I’m not doing that either :) I will just ask a few minutes of your time to think about your parents, maybe give them a sudden ‘thank you’ phone call, take them our for dinner or bring them a small, unexpected gift :) Doesn’t even matter actually what you do, I am just poking you for the gesture. It’s the least we can do.
Feeling lucky,

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