The morning after…

The morning after…

…you had a culinary orgy

We all know those mornings when we wake up feeling like we didn’t just have dinner last night, but we ate all the food in the neighborhood… those mornings when we feel stuffed, bloated, generally unhappy and filled with remorse. I’m positive it all rings a bell… I think it’s safe to assume we’ve all been through this at least once or twice, or one too many times.

The question is how we deal with it and how we prevent ourselves from not wearing our favorite outfit because we’ve pigged out the night before.

  • Recognizing it – I don’t think this is rocket science, so I won’t spend much time on it – basically, when you eat like there’s no tomorrow and you leave the table wanting to roll on rather than walk – that’s already enough recognizing.
  • What’s done is done – The first thing you need to do is quit feeling sorry for yourself and focus on dealing with it.
  • In order even it all out, eat lighter meals for the next couple of days. This will make you feel happier with yourself and will make you fit in that favorite outfit we were talking about!
  • Do some light exercises, as they’ll make you feel better with yourself when it comes to your having indulged a bit too much: try an easy yoga, stretching, easy running, etc.
  • We all overdo it, especially if it’s a nice occasion (there usually are plenty of those). Avoiding the events won’t help and won’t make you happy, so the best is to learn how to prevent it from happening, without having to hinder your social life. When you are going to a dinner and you’re feeling very hungry, maybe it’s safe to take a step back and before you order, ask yourself: what do I want to achieve with the food choices I make? And, depending on your answer, order accordingly. Also, it’s always good to have a small snack before going to dinner: nuts, a fruit, some yogurt, so that you don’t order for two instead of one ;))
  • Also, don’t forget about treating yourself with foods which help you burn calories and detox in addition to helping with your digestion. Here is an article that you may find useful for this.

…you partied like an animal

So, you open your eyes. It’s all calm, serene, and everything is peaceful. Just a regular morning… for two nanoseconds. Afterwards, pandemonium breaks lose. Either you don’t recognize the room where you woke up, or you don’t understand the feather outfit (if any) or the strange place in the house you chose to sleep in… why did you choose the bathroom instead of your comfy bed? And then it hits you!! O, Lord, what have I done? You desperately grab your phone – your partner in crime – and search for clues of what may have happened. Then, chaos and anxiety enter into your life. A glorious display of pictures, messages and 4am calls. Then the “I will burry myself in shame under this blanket all my life” syndrome strikes along with his best friend “I will never drink again”. And you call your friends from the night before to reenact the whole scene. The “Sunday Olympics of suffering after a massive night of drinking and partying” are officially open.

So, even if you are a vodka drinker or a whiskey lover, even if you like dogs or cats, even if you have somebody to take care of you this day or you’re facing it by yourself, the morning after affects us all in the same manner. Then, how can we keep calm and deal with the chaos?

  1. You can have a nurturing lunch: Treat yourself with some healthy food that you usually like. Additional to your meal, some water and lemon may do the trick and get rid of your nausea.
  2. Don’t forget about vitamins and minerals post a big night out.
  3. Laugh about it! You cannot turn back time, so the best solution is to make up the most of this situation and laugh about it.
  4. Make a Sunday fun day – go out, meet a friend, makes some fun about yesterday and/ or go to the gym.
  5. If you lack the energy, then sleep. You’ll most probably see everything differently later.

These are only short-term solutions, but we have to admit that after 26-27 years old (be careful, Presi, your bday is coming…;))), the recovery process unfortunately becomes harder and harder and we basically lose at least 1.5 days of focus and productivity after a crazy night. So, we strongly recommend you plan these nights during your holidays or on a monthly basis, rather than regularly… Let’s think proactive and not reactive when it comes to this ;))

Writing with my partner in crime,