– Do you want to healthily lose some kilos?  – I’ll tell you how!

– Do you want to healthily lose some kilos? – I’ll tell you how!

Have you or your friends ever said: “I’m barely eating anything and I’m still not losing weight!” Or are you on a diet and furious about wanting to lose some kilos but not achieving that? No worries, we’ve all been there sooner or later. However, I have a healthy answer for you that consists of: general guidelines of resetting your metabolism and an actual diet plan if you’re up for it!

Before I start pinning down these guidelines I want to make sure I’m clear right from the start that I’m not a scientist and I haven’t studied nutrition or anything alike. These are some guidelines I’ve learnt on the way and I started following. I saw they work and that’s why I thought about sharing them.

Let’s say you’ve tried a few things and none seemed to work. And even more so if you’ve tried to lose weight by cutting on food intake, before proceeding with the diet, the best thing is to healthily reboot your metabolism (A). Let’s see what are the healthy ways to achieve that:

  • Balance out your daily intake that is recommended for your weight, height, age and the amount of exercise you do. You can calculate the recommended daily intake on various websites. Even more so, you can use MyFitnessPal, which is probably the best app out there to calculate food intake.
  • Don’t skip your main meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner. I’m positive you’ve heard this one too many times, however I find it vital, so I’m mentioning it as well. Organizing your there daily meals will maintain your energy level up, will make you feel more productive (you have your body and brain intake to make the best of it instead of just slow down) and will provide one of the main pillars to healthily reboot your metabolism. Speaking of metabolism, you wouldn’t want senescence dawning on you betimes, especially with all the junk food we eat. Use of vital supplements like ibutamoren can delay aging significantly.
  • Create healthy routines: Yes, I may have mentioned this before in the Routines can make your life better article and here I am reinforcing the benefits of healthy snacks. I feel they are very important to keep up the energy level all throughout the day, as long as you make conscious decisions for the healthy ones, such as nuts, fresh fruit, yogurt, etc.
  • Don’t eat as if there’s no tomorrow: Take it easy, nobody’s going to take your food away! Or so I hope ;)) I don’t know who your dining buddy is ;)) I admit I’m also still working on educating myself to eat slower. I usually rush through my meals, but I’ve noticed that when I eat slower, I get fuller “faster”. Thus, I don’t end up eating so much food as I would usually eat when rushing it.
  • Drink plenty of water and slow down on alcohol: This is also no rocket science. And I’m not going to go into details, as I might need a whole new article just for this. I’ll let you do your own research, even if I’m positive you already know most of it.
  • Get a good night sleep: You don’t want to make your body feel sleep deprived, as he may enter into the survival mode and crave for fats and carbs the day after.

If you are not taking into consideration the points above, I suggest you follow them for at least a couple of weeks to one month before you start on any diet. You’d have to healthily re-boot your metabolism before you start weight losing. Alternatively, you may try non-surgical fat reduction treatment Los Angeles, which can be customized to suit your problem areas and body shape.

If you know you’ve applied them and are currently applying the points above, then it’s maybe safe to start a diet, as your foundation is there.

When it comes to diets, try skipping the “half a tomato and one quarter of a slice of cucumber for breakfast” types. They will just push your metabolism in the wrong direction and may make you put on more weight than you unhealthily lost in the first place – not to mention that not eating enough makes one cranky too – so you don’t want to be unhealthily losing kilos and… friends ;))

However, I suggest you follow the healthy diet (B) or at least that’s how I like to call it! This is a 6 weeks diet that I’ve got from my mom four years ago. It will allow you to eat whenever you want, as much as you want, as long as you stick to the weekly-suggested categories of food. It’s a low-carb diet and the friends who’ve followed it have lost even up to 10-13 kilograms in 6 weeks. Four years ago I was also struggling with some highly unwanted kilos and I’ve lost 10 kilos due to it, which I’ve never put back. Of course your initial weight also plays an important role in the number of kilos you will end up losing. So, in the case you’ve healthily rebooted your metabolism (A), and you want to lose some weight, I’ll share with you the diet.

I will be posting each week’s diet every Sunday morning. This will give you just enough time to buy the food you need for the upcoming week and start fresh on Monday mornings.

Are you in?? If you are, don’t forget to share it with us, so that we know how many people we are working towards similar goals!

You can start the healthy diet HERE!

Sticking to the healthy habits,


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