Time to Center Your Thoughts

Time to Center Your Thoughts

The funny but also tricky part about meditating is that you start by learning how to think of nothing at all. Completely counterintuitive and unnatural for the average member of our busy, digitally-enhanced society :) It’s the art of clearing your mind – practice having nothing to be worried about, nothing to examine, nothing to fight or tolerate. You now have breathing, silence, awareness of your own body and feelings.

Today’s post is for the meditation novice, as I am a beginner myself and have the hunch that many of you are as well. Started looking into it on a 2-months business trip to India, out of curiosity but also out of stress for having a lizard creeping into my room every night. It helped, we got to know each other better and cohabited successfully until the end of my trip.

I have a lot of learning and understanding to do in this direction but have seen enough to put my thoughts together and lay them out in front of you:

  • those moments of silence give us an opportunity to capture our thoughts – what are the things that are really on your mind?
  • we learn to listen to our thoughts and ourselves rather than think of things intentionally, clutter our mind with the same ol’ everyday issues
  • you rest your body & your mind – in a different way, can feel better than a nights’ sleep
  • you become more aware of your body and sense of physicality
  • it’s simple but not that easy
  • it’s vague but can be adjusted to your own needs
  • you will finally get to see what all the fuss with ‘mindfulness’ was all about
  • just like with any other workout, it takes a long time to see any results :)

Apart from the experience itself, meditation brings interesting medical facts and benefits. They are very nicely summed up in here. I will go ahead and note down the main (proven) benefits for those busy readers that don’t have time to browse all that:

  • Better focus -> we could all need a little bit of that to chase away procrastination :)
  • Reduces anxiety
  • Enhances creativity
  • We become more compassionate
  • Reduces stress
  • Improves memory
  • My personal favorite: produces gray matter -> keeps the brain young and sharp for a longer time

Will also quickly add the guided meditation tracks I initially used during my first attempts. Mr. Fox also suggested an app that works very well for this, you’re now all equipped.

If nothing else, you’ll at least find it very … very relaxing. It might also be the case that you will find it strange but bare with it for a few moments. See it as an exercise of patience. It may be something new and completely unusual but is also may be one of the most accessible new things that you could try. If it is an absolute disaster, our customer support/ complaints line is info@about-beautiful.com. I am absolutely curious what your experiences are and I am planning to learn a lot from them myself. Looking forward to your messages.






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