Tennis – The reason I love my Mondays

Tennis – The reason I love my Mondays

Every now and then I stumble upon one person or another telling me they dislike Mondays… I’m sure you know some people too  It has become a common mass movement – hating Mondays… And don’t you get your Facebook wall crowded with friends’ posts on Monday sadness, despair and reluctance? I do!! But I have a solution for you to start enjoying those Mondays!

I feel that, if you squeeze in an activity you like in your busy Monday schedule, you’ll definitely have a reason to be looking forward to upcoming Mondays. May it be a dancing lesson, an evening gym training, a running boot camp, a photography course…you name it! Anything that makes you feel excited and thrilled at the thought of it. I chose tennis! For 2 years, each Monday I’m playing tennis at Frans Otten Stadium Amsterdam. Then, instead of creeping out that the working week is starting and weekend has finished, I always have something enjoyable to look forward to each Monday.

On April 22nd 2013 I had my first tennis lesson. And no, I’m not some kind of a mastermind remembering dates for everything I do… even if I wish I were. It just happens to be my best friend’s birthday  Starting tennis lessons was the best decision I could have taken. While enticed by the stories of a girlfriend who was following the lessons, I decided it was high time I started too. I’ve never regretted since.

So, except for the fact that it spices up Mondays, what’s it about tennis that makes people love it so much?

  • Our body becomes really agile… Tennis is all about quick movements, quick stops and quick reactions. Thus, a regular weekly routine of playing tennis will most probably give you some amazing toning results… and don’t forget about those super shaped leg muscles!
  • You’re happier once you’ve played your share of tennis: may it be some frantically released endorphins or your overall enthusiasm of having exercised… call it what you wanna call it: Tennis makes you happier!
  • You become more disciplined because you always aim to improve yourself and to be in control of your pace. This takes discipline!
  • It is the perfect activity to make new friends: always proud of my partners in tennis ‘crime’… Hint, hint, Babs, Sabrina & Ingemar!!
  • Improves the ability to accelerate: I might not be the best runner in the world, but I could definitely compete for the best sprinter! 
  • Better eye-body coordination and better reactions in general: Tennis is all about keeping an eye on the ball and reacting promptly to it.
  • Keeps you running for that #646 challenge – 6 months for a six-pack 

Look, I could go on and on about why tennis is awesome… However, the bottom line is: 1. You begin looking at tennis as a sport for you to get serious about  and if you do, I’m always up for a new tennis challenge… so, go ahead and pick a court! 2. You cease disliking Mondays and schedule some early morning, lunchtime or late evening activity that you enjoy and have a reason to look forward to.

To conclude I will share with the world my female tennis loves: Halep and S. Williams.