The home gym chronicles

The home gym chronicles

As someone that is always on the run for saving time, I began by looking at the regular activities I spend significant time on during a regular week. It’s also a point I wanted to bring up for some time already and now I found the perfect excuse 

Training. Exercising. Working towards human 2.0; the best version of you.

I made one great book investment to help with saving my time: Happy Money. Contrary to the initial expectation, the authors offer a guide to smarter spending rather than one for getting rich. They guide us towards 5 essential principles:

  1. Buy Experiences
  2. Treat Yourself
  3. Buy Time
  4. Pay Now, Consume Later
  5. Invest in Others

I will not rob you from the pleasure of diving deeper into this great but also hilarious piece of research and focus only on no. 3 – one of Presi’s most important personal challenges and optimization points.

In order to save my time I decided to quit my gym subscription after 6 years of loyalty and regular visits. I decided to go for my own home gym and put together the setup I needed to fullfil my training goals.

We’re looking at 3 main decisions:

  • Workout type & schedule
  • Equipment
  • Monitoring

My view of a complete workout involves maximum intensity training for cardio and strength (using our own body weight) and weight lifting on the side. The first part is taken care of by Shaun T – famous American training inspiration and choreographer. I hereby thank him for creating some awesome schedules and making it so easy and yet so hard for us to work towards a great body :) For maximum time saving, I am currently doing Focus T25 – program that offers incredibly effective exercise-combinations packed in 25-minute training sessions. Have a look and get right to it, there’s no excuse for not exercising when it’s only 25 mins a day …

          Over and ov1908058_10202461917206061_258167952074824799_ner again did fitness professionals worldwide try to break the myth of weight lifting making us bulky and getting a look that reminds us of the incredible Hulk. I hope they are a tiny bit closer to getting primarily ladies (& more of the gents) to that squatting rack. I’ll put in one of the good references I found, a summary of this rationale. To help me work towards my goals, I got myself one sweet set of  weights. 100 kg in total is enough for now :) Here’s what I found.


– a super basic Yoga mat would help and bring a little bit of comfort

– always train with sneakers, don’t risk hurting your joints/ankles

Another exciting part is monitoring. We have the luxury of picking from a wide range of devices, one smarter than the other. The focus point, in the end, is the same – keeping yourself safe and stop sitting on that lazy bum 

First things first – you need to take a little bit of care of your heart and exhaustion levels. For that, choose a product with a sensor chest band and good reviews on accuracy. Keep your pulse in check and let yourself rest. No need to go overboard. Second, as a proud owner of a cool new gadget, let me introduce you to the world of Jawbone and it’s wonders :D Better sleeping patterns, soft wakeup in order to feel refreshed, calorie burn monitoring, smart coaching – gentle reminder that you have been quite lazy and that it’s time to stand up and move around a bit.

One point on my ‘to do’ list for this article was to try and keep it short, optimize time :) Therefore, I will wrap up straight away. Will not try to persuade you but offer a time-saving alternative. It’s still not easy, it’s still painful and it still takes a long time before you see your first results.  You can start small today and gradually build your workout. The biggest win is to start.

Another reality is that the satisfaction and confidence it brings will give you a tremendous boost on all levels. I found my solution and made a plan in order to make the best use of my time.  What’s your plan?

Feeling strong,