The essence of what I’d like to share is also a piece of our blog’s foundation – not often enough you get to meet people who will bring out the best in you, will ask all those uncomfortable questions that you were sweeping under your imaginary carpet, will not allow you to be mediocre, but will engage you in learning more on your every encounter. Sometimes, when you meet such a person, you might have the tendency to brainstorm and dream of nice things you could do together. Very few times, does this turn into something tangible.

As any beginner (the terms blog/blogger/blogging sound a bit foreign at the moment … let’s not use them until it’s safe), I had to ponder for a while on what my writing voice sounds like. What would be the first thing I would write about and why? If someone asked me for one piece of advice, just one… what would I want to share?

Over the years, I got the chance to meet people from all over the world, especially since moving to Amsterdam. I got to see friendships grow, flourish and fade, analyze patterns of behavior and notice how people get to have a special, unique energy, which unwillingly influences their peers. It doesn’t take much to figure it out. The humanness will let it show, most likely, sooner than later. And when that surfaces… well, things don’t necessarily change. But I think they should. They should always change for the better. We are supposed to have evolved from inferior species, so it should come naturally that we seek for new insights and aim for what is better (if not the best) for ourselves.

In a tandem between 2 individuals, 3 things can happen.

The first possible outcome is that one part will fuel the other with positive energy, but will receive less in return. It comes natural that there is only so much positive energy that a person can offer until the tank is out of fuel.

The second one, even though demanding, can still happen and it simply implies balance.

But if you add sugar, spice and everything nice to it, you might reach the third possibility where the two subjects will pull each other up and grow. If the concepts of challenge, questioning, honesty and introspection do not come across as uncomfortable, many doors can be opened. One thing I find refreshing is the search for the type of energy that is good for us. Find out what works for you, stick to it and let the rest loose. With the risk of throwing a small cliché to the table, life is short (there, I said it!) and our humanly resources are limited. Spend them with the right people, in the way that makes you happy. Some things are not meant to be subject to compromise.

I referred to the foundation of this blog, as it is written together with a dear friend. Silently, we have agreed to follow together a path of growth, looking for beautiful things in all the forms they might come across and write down about beautiful in its essence. I am happy to start this journey and prepared to throw myself out there. I would also like to call on my beginner’s luck in advance, so that my writing clumsiness will pass unnoticed. I have briefly gone through my writing, having hoped that some meaning will be there and not just utter chaos. It seems sensible, so I will quickly close the window and send it out for my peers’ feedback. Looking forward to that moment of excitement and uncertainty after I close the laptop lid.



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